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About Sage to Summit


Sage to Summit started as a passion for the mountains and an endorphin rush. In 2006, the pieces came together and the running store, focused on trail running, was born in its original location, one block off of main street in Bishop, California. The name was conceived during an 8000 foot backcountry ski descent of a nearby local peak - a journey from sage to summit and back. In 2009, the shop moved to a bigger and better location on main street where we are now located. The dream is still young, but every day we get closer to our ideal. We aim to provide you with the best products and service that you will ever take to the mountains!

Our Location

Our store is located at 312 North Main Street in Bishop, California, in the heart of the Owens Valley, located in the region known as the Eastern Sierra. The Eastern Sierra is a world-class training ground for elite caliber athletes and Olympians. Deena Kastor, Meb Keflezighi, Ryan Hall, Nancy Fiddler, Stacy Cook, Greg Bretz, and many other competitive athletes make this region their home base for the quality, extent, and diversity of terrain for training to be among the best. We host numerous races and active events year-round in the mountains of the Eastern Sierra and we are active in supporting the competitive athletes in our community.

The Owens Valley is the deepest valley in North America, with more than 10,000 feet of relief on both sides, and many miles of unobstructed views. This means that we literally work and play in the mountains. Because of the topography and relief of the surrounding terrain, mountain sports can be enjoyed all year in a broad diversity of mountain landscapes. Roads to trailheads and starting venues allow trail running, skiing, mountain biking, peak bagging, rock climbing, and more - all on most days of the year. The journey through diverse landscapes that takes us from high desert sagebrush to airy mountaintop and back again defines the spirit of our endeavors - welcome to the idea of taking yourself from Sage to Summit!

Foot BiomechanicsSage Wisdom

Our staff is highly trained and experienced to give you the best advice available. We spend most of our lives in the mountains, and have for many years. Founders and owners, Karen and Howie Schwartz, are mountain athletes themselves. Karen is an active runner, skier, and mountaineer. She is also a certified pedorthist, trained to in professional shoe-fitting and biomechanical analysis. Howie is an accomplished internationally certified IFMGA ski and mountain guide, and co-owner of Sierra Mountain Guides. The rest of our staff are top level athletes that have accomplished amazing feats of endurance and speed in the Sierra and beyond on their own and in competition. We are regularly trained by nutritional and product experts, specialists, and representatives from top companies that keep us up to date on the latest, greatest product innovations. We offer free foot and biomechanical analysis, using an Aetrex iStep foot scanner in the shop. Come on in and let us add to your own wisdom.

Summit Performance

We support mountain athletes with a full range of products and services. Our "wall of nutrition" offers a comprehensive selection of what you need to fuel and hydrate your next race or adventure. We specialize in light and fast. We have the lightest functional gear and clothing available on the market. We support the use of minimalist "light and fast" technique and technology designed for propulsion through the mountains at maximum velocity and super fun style. For racers, we have everything you need for your next 5K, 10K, marathon, ultra, triathlon, cycling, or other big event. We support events locally in the Eastern Sierra and host our own summer and winter race series. Our staff has won races and set course records. No matter what you are into, let us help you achieve your personal best!

Karen, Cosmo and Howie SchwartzAbout the Owners

Karen and Howie Schwartz have lived and worked in the Eastern Sierra since 1998. Karen grew up as a competitive high school cross-country runner in Southern California and she spent her childhood skiing at Mammoth Mountain. Howie was introduced to climbing mountains on the Grand Teton, Wyoming by famous rock climber and guide Chuck Pratt when he was 15. Their paths first crossed in 1991 and they have been chasing each other through the mountains ever since. Karen became a teacher, then a certified pedorthist and now a shop owner. Howie is now an accomplished internationally certified IFMGA Ski and Mountain Guide. He is a co-owner of Sierra Mountain Guides, a world-renowned, innovative mountain guide service based in the Eastern Sierra. Howie and Karen married in 2000 and more recently on October 19th, 2010 their son Cosmo was born into the family. They live in Bishop, CA with their dog Wheeler.