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Papoose Flat Loop




Distance: 23 or 25 Mile Loop

Elevation: Approximately 3400'

Location: From Big Pine, take Highway 168 east for 2.4 miles.  Turn right (south) on Eureka Valley Road, and drive for another 11.5 miles.  Turn right onto signed (dirt) Papoose Flat Road, and park at the turnout on the left side of the road.  Begin your run here.

Time of Year: Spring and Fall.  There is NOT water on this loop, so plan on carrying it.  

Description: From the parking area, run 0.1 miles to a fork in the road.  Take the right fork toward Papoose Flat (you'll return via the other road to complete the loop).  At approximately 2.5 miles, you'll reach another fork: turn left.  At 3.2 miles, you'll reach another fork: turn right and continue climbing.  You'll top out at around 5.2 miles (9110 ft, the high point of the route) where you'll have your first magnificent view of the Sierra.  

 Stay on this main road until approximately 10.5 miles, where you'll come to a major junction.  Make a sharp left here.  Continue down this road until you reach another junction at mile 16.6.  

 At this point, you have two options: (1) for the 25+ mile loop, make a sharp right (east) onto the Narrows road.  Follow it down to Marble Creek, then climb back up the other side (heading north, then west); or (2) for the 23 mile loop, go straight.  This road will take you directly and steeply up and over a pass.  Descend the other side of the pass, then follow the tracks leading to your right (east).  This will reconnect with the main road.  

 From here, you follow the main road north up to the final pass of the route and then descend back to your car. 

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Papoose Flats Map

Amazing View of the High Sierra

Papoose Flat Signage

Papoose Flat Road

Papoose Flat Geologic Views


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