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Rock Climbing Gym

Sage to Summit opened our Bishop rock climbing gym in the Summer of 2018 and it has been very well received by local and visiting climbers.  We built the gym around the idea of bringing the climbing community together to celebrate how amazing climbing is. We also wanted to provide the local community with all the best resources to train for their climbing goals.


~We offer a couple of options for membership to accommodate the different needs of the climbing community. 


Ongoing Monthly Membership

Pre-Paid 30 Day Membership

Initiation Fee = $35
(+$10 per additional person added to your account)

Monthly Fee = $50
(+$35 for the second person +$15 for each person after)

Freeze Fee = $8 per month
(talk with our staff about how this works)

Individual = $75

Couple = $115

Family = $115 + $15 per additional person

This is the best option for anyone that is going to be using the gym on a regular basis and plans to be using the gym for more than one month.  Monthly fees are charged automatically to any debit/credit card you want to have on file. This is a great option if you are only going to be in town for a month or less and plan to use the gym on a regular basis.  We do not charge any Initiation Fee for this membership.


Day Rates

Our day pass is a great way to try out our climbing gym if you are just in town for a short period of time or if you want to see if climbing is going to be your new obsession.  

Day Pass - Adult (13 or older) = $15

Day Pass - Kid (5 - 12 years old) = $8


Climbing Shoe Rental = $5

Climbing Chalk Bag + Chalk Rental = $5


Sign the Waiver

EVERYONE that visits our climbing gym needs to have a waiver on file.  If you 18 years or older than you can fill out your own waiver. If you are under 18 years old than we will need to have your parent/legal guardian fill out your waiver in-person at the gym or here online. 

>> Sign the Sage to Summit Climbing Gym Waiver Online

Please Note - anyone under the age of 14 needs to have a parent supervising them at all times in the climbing gym and workout area.

Climbing Gym FAQ

Is there a minimum age to use the climbing wall?

Yes, the climbing gym is for ages 5 and up.  We also ask that any kids under the age of 14 have a parent supervise them in the climbing gym at all time.

I don’t have any climbing shoes, do you rent shoes?

Yes, we have shoes and chalk bags available for rental in the gym. 

Do I have to sign a waiver?  Even if I am not climbing?

Yes, we ask that every person who is going to be in our climbing gym has a current waiver on file.  The waiver takes about 3 minutes to complete. You can fill it out online or in-person at the gym.

I noticed that you don’t have grades on any of the boulder problems?

We use a circuit grading system where each color represents a range of grades.  Feel free to ask our staff about it when you visit.

I am brand new to climbing, do you have any clinics to teach me?

Yes, we offer a Fundamental Technique clinic on a regular basis to teach newer climbers how to develop good habits with footwork and body movement.