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Climbing Classes


We are very excited to be offering a number of climbing focused clinics to help you improve your technique and reach your climbing goals. Make sure to keep up with us on social media to hear about exclusive clinics with local and visiting pro-climbers.

Check out our "Clinic" page for a full listing of upcoming clinic dates and times - Visit Clinic Page >>


Fundamental Technique

The Fundamental Technique clinic is designed to help you develop good habits with your footwork and body movement. We will cover drills and exercises that you can continue to practice to improve your technique outside of the clinic. Additionally, we will cover the basics of projecting and route reading.

  • Recommended for climbers in the beginner to V2 range
  • Clinic Length = 2 hours
  • Clinic Cost = $40 members / $55 non-members 


Break into the Blue Circuit

Making the jump into the blue circuit (V5 + V6) can be a very hard plateau to break through. This clinic is designed to help you with building the necessary library of techniques to take on the more advanced movement that the harder grades demand. We will cover drop knees, flagging, back stepping, heel hooks, dead points, and more. Additionally, we will cover more advanced projecting techniques and route reading strategies.

  • Recommended for climbers in the V3 to V5 range
  • Clinic Length = 2 sessions x 2 hours each
  • Clinic Cost = $80 members / $110 non-members