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Evolution 100K

The Evolution 100K passes through some of the most spectacular Sierra scenery, from mountain passes, to alpine valleys and serene lakes. It even features the stone-built Muir hut. Many many thanks to Peter Clark for the awesome photos!

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Evolution 100K: Piute pass

Evolution 100K: Piute pass sunrise

Distance: 55 miles

Elevation Gain: 9800 Feet Up and 9400 Feet Down

Location: Piute Pass Trail Head – North Lake. (Ends at South Lake trailhead)

Time of Year: Mid June to Mid October (Snow is likely going over the passes until late July.

Directions from Bishop: Take Line Street West and follow signs to North Lake, approximately 18 miles.

Evolution 100K: humphreys basin

Evolution 100K: humphreys basin

Description: Follow the trail to Piute pass, approximately 5 miles and 2000 feet up. From Piute pass it is 9 miles and 3200 feet down to the San Joaquin River, where you junction with the John Muir and PCT trails. From here you’ll experience some of the most visually stunning scenery in the Sierra as you climb up to Muir Pass. The Pass is approximately 16 miles and 4000 feet up. Now it’s down through beautiful Le Conte Canyon to Little Pete Meadow, 6 miles and 3200 feet away. At Little Pete Meadow you’ll leave the John Muir/PCT trail and turn north, heading up 6 miles and 3200 feet later you’ll reach Bishop Pass. The final 5 miles brings you to South Lake, 2300 feet below Bishop Pass.

Evolution 100K: requenching thirst on the trail

Evolution 100K: moving along in humphreys basin

Evolution 100K: taking in the view

Evolution 100K: checking the map

Evolution 100K: inside muir hut

Evolution 100K: posing at Muir Hut

Evolution 100K: muir hut roof

Evolution 100K: Yellow-legged frog

Evolution 100K: Gobbled by the monster

Evolution 100K: Trail Junction

Note: This is not a loop trip. You will be exiting a different trailhead than the one you departed from, which necessitates some pre-planning or car shuttles.

Evolution 100K: Heading up from LeConte Canyon

Evolution 100K: View from Bishop Pass

Evolution 100K: Stream crossing below Bishop Pass

Evolution 100K: Almost home, heading down the final stretch to South Lake

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